July 2019

MEETING INVITATION - Building, Property and Development in the Northern Midlands

If you are involved in, or supply to, the building, construction, architecture, property development or real estate industries, then this meeting is for you.

If you also already interact with Northern Midlands Council, or may do so in the future, then this meeting is especially for you!

Northern Midlands Business Association is inviting you to a session where you can air any problems or issues, and put forward your suggestions on building projects, approvals and planning processes. The result of this meeting will help Council to understand how to work with you to contribute to the growth of the Northern Midlands region of Tasmania.

The meeting will be Chaired by Ian Goninon, who is a Councillor as well as business owner and property developer. Mary Knowles, Mayor, and Des Jennings, General Manager of Northern Midlands Council, will be present as observers. Outcomes of the meeting will help to shape the building and planning strategy, policy and services of the Northern Midlands.

We ask you to share this invitation with as many other building-related business contacts that you can please.


Date: Tuesday 13 August

Time: 5.30pm

Location: Memorial Hall, 55 Wellington Street, Longford

To attend you must pre-register please by completing and submitting the form at this link.


June 2019

Download your NMBA Member Certificate

All businesses within the Northern Midlands region of Tasmania are automatically members of the NMBA. We encourage all Free members to download and print their NMBA Membership Certificate and display this proudly at your business to show your support for the success of the Northern Midlands.

You can choose to remain a Free member or upgrade to obtain even more promotional benefits for your business.

You can download a printable PDF file of your NMBA Free Membership certificate at this link.

Paid members (Associate, Professional, and Leading Business levels) receive professionally printed and framed versions of their certificates in the mail from NMBA.

Instructions for downloading and printing NMBA Free Member Certificates:

1/ Click on the link and download the PDF file to your computer

2/ Open the PDF file on your computer and type your business name in the space provided

3/ Print the PDF file, then save before closing so you can print it again if needed, email to people, etc

If you have any problems with your NMBA membership certificate, please contact us


May 2019 - Have your say on the economic future of the Northern Midlands

Northern Midlands Council is creating an economic development framework for our region, and is seeking input from businesses and the community.

The economic development framework covers strategies and projects ranging across agriculture, businesses, entrepreneurs, tourism, infrastructure, natural resources, reducing red tape, population, and the built environment.

There are open discussion forums planned in June where all are welcome to provide their thoughts on the framework, and how we can all work together to built a prosperous and sustainable future for the Northern Midlands.

These community and business discussion forums will be held as follows:

Longford: 5.30pm, Tuesday 11 June 2019
Longford Memorial Hall
55 Wellington Street, Longford

Campbell Town: 5.30 pm, Tuesday 18 June 2019
Meeting Room
Campbell Town Health and Community Service Centre
70 High Street, Campbell Town

To register your interest in attending these sessions to be held at 5.30pm on Tuesday 11 June in Longford, and 5.30pm on Tuesday 18 June in Campbell Town, please go to this link.

If you would rather provide your feedback in writing, please complete the “feedback” section at this link.

A summary of the Northern Midlands Economic Development Framework is available at this link.