Located at the Powranna Livestock Marketing Complex on Powranna Road, just off the Midlands Highway in Tasmania’s Northern Midlands, AGRICLEAN provides fast, efficient and cost-effective washing facilities for all livestock-carrying and other commercial road trucks.

AGRICLEAN provides 2 wash bays each of which can handle up to B-double trucks undercover, with high pressure water and long hoses to reach every area of your truck.

AGRICLEAN uses an account and subscription system to provide carriers with access to the facility. Because of this, adhoc visitors, or people who have not registered, cannot use the facility. If you already have an access key and account with the National Truckwash System, you do not need to do anything and can use AGRICLEAN now.

important things to know

Registered users purchase an electronic key that activates the truck wash pumps. Unless you already have a “National Truckwash System” or “Avdata” key to an existing truck wash, you can purchase these online for $35 each inc GST plus handling/express postage, or $30 inc GST plus handling/express postage for an order of 10 or more

Your account will be charged per minute for pump use and a periodic invoice is sent to your business. The current charge is $1.20 ex GST per minute of wash time

You must provide your own spray nozzle with a one-inch (25mm) female camlock fitting to attach to the wash hose

AGRICLEAN use is only for livestock trucks and trucks with standard road dust and grime. It cannot be used as a dump site, or for heavy machinery, or discharge of chemicals, human effluent, or other industrial materials.

Users must have courtesy to other users by leaving the wash bays as soon as your wash is complete

Users must have courtesy to the facility by taking all due care, not dumping rubbish, and cleaning after themselves

The site has extensive monitored video security and breaches of the terms of use will result in penalties ranging from cancellation of future access, additional fees, and civil or criminal prosecution. By registering to be a customer and using the facility, you agree to the terms detailed at this link.

Your electronic AGRICLEAN key will allow you to access truck wash facilities which are part of the system, and you will receive regular invoices with itemised records of facility usage

To use your key, touch it against the read head on the control panel, then press the ON button for the outlet you wish to use. Remember to press the OFF button when finished, or others may use the facility at your expense

You can purchase additional electronic access keys online at any time at this link

If you would like further information or have a general enquiry, please contact the NMBA at this link

If you have an urgent issue, wish to report an incident, or malfunction, please contact one of the following people:

  • Matthew Bennet, Maintenance Engineer, 0400 247 754

  • Mike Armstrong, Operations Manager, 0417 141 046

  • Gordon Williams, Executive Officer, 0402 636 769

how to register to use agriclean

IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY REGISTERED WITH “AVDATA” OR THE NATIONAL TRUCK WASH SYSTEM, simply fill in the form below to register as an AGRICLEAN customer. You will be notified when your customer registration is active.

When you submit this form, you will also see a link for secure online purchase of electronic access keys, if you do not already have them from another “Avdata” National Truckwash System truck wash.

Your name *
Your name
Enter the name of the company or business that will use AGRICLEAN
Business address including postcode
If you are already an "Avdata" account holder, please enter your number. If not, leave blank.
Method for receiving invoices & notices *
Invoices will be sent to the email address you entered above, unless you specify invoices by post
Please enter a registration number or description on a separate line, for each vehicle that will use AGRICLEAN
Certification *
I certify that I am an authorised representative of the purchaser/keyholder and that I have read, understod and fully accept the terms and conditions of use of the Avdata system and AGRICLEAN truck wash.
Do you need to buy Electronic Access Keys? *
IMPORTANT: If you already have Avdata or National Truckwash System Access keys, you can use these at AGRICLEAN. If you need to purchase keys you will be taken to the shopping area when you submit this form.