2017 Activity Statement

At the 2017 NMBA AGM, members were presented with a list of commitments made by your association in 2016, and action and progress in fulfilling these promises.

Commitments and actions included areas such as restructuring of the association, online initiatives, new services, and projects to boost business success in our region.

To view or download a complete copy of the NMBA Activity and Chairman's report 2017, please click this link.

Business Plan

The Northern Midlands Business Association coordinates an extensive business plan of initiatives, projects and activities. Explore the objectives below to find out how the plan is helping your business, and how you can contribute to success in our region of Tasmania.

OBJECTIVE 1:   Collaborate with Council to foster economic activity in the Northern Midlands

Key Strategies include:

  • Collaborate with Council to foster economic activity in the Northern Midlands
  • Promote Northern Midlands local products and produce at events and expo's within and outside the region
  • Facilitate the establishment of new businesses/welcoming of business owners/operators in the Norther Midlands
  • Advocate for the further development and promotion of the TRANSlink & Launceston Airport precinct
  • Facilitate the development of new tourism experiences in the Northern Midlands

OBJECTIVE 2:  Enhance the environment for economic development in the Northern Midlands

Key Strategies include:

  • Advocate for Wi-fi hotspots and other methods of Internet access as well as fostering online trends
  • Manage the TRANSlink billboard to encourage local companies to showcase their businesses
  • Support Northern Midlands agricultural sector by advocating for Food Origin Labelling and other initiatives where the region has an existing or potential competitive advantage

OBJECTIVE 3:  Promote collaboration between the Association, local businesses, agencies & organisations to facilitate economic development in the Northern Midlands

Key Strategies include:

  • Enhance member benefits by building on the TCCI Tasmanian Chambers Alliance
  • Facilitate networks & collaboration between Northern Midlands businesses
  • Promote excellence in customer service in the Northern Midlands
  • Facilitate opportunities for northern midlands students to enter traineeships with local businesses
  • Continue to manage the Northern Midlands Business Promotion & Visitor Centre at Longford
  • Collaborate with Business & Employment to support local businesses & facilitate economic development in the Northern Midlands
  • Implement retail initiatives to encourage customers to visit local businesses
  • Conduct youth work education projects featuring local businesses

OBJECTIVE 4:  Improve the profile of the Association

Key Strategies include:

  • Feature a regular column in the Country Courier newspaper
  • Communicate NMBA Achievements and regular updates
  • Produce an Association newsletter with regular updates and promotion of location businesses available online
  • Continually enhance the Association's online presence
  • Have available a new business welcome pack for new business owners/operators