Tasmania's Innovative Business Location

The TRANSlink precinct is a rapidly developing, quality industrial, business and transport location. TRANSlink is adjacent and surrounding Launceston Airport – the largest freight operation in Tasmania.

A major TRANSlink improvement research study has now been completed along with recommendations for enhancing the precinct. Click here for a copy of the report


a great place to do business

Providing numerous opportunities to investors, TRANSlink is ideally suited to those operating in the transport, logistics, and warehousing industries as well as those involved in manufacturing, light-industrial and export-oriented activities. In contrast to the congested industrial precincts of other Australian cities, TRANSlink has an ease of accessibility with additional land earmarked for further development.

location, location

Nearly 100 established businesses are accommodated within TRANSlink and the adjacent airport, ranging from local to multinational companies. These businesses are supported by skilled employees working in  logistics, transport, and warehousing to manufacturing, construction, and wholesale trade.

TRANSlink covers over 350 hectares of land with 60 hectares of flat, shovel ready, vacant parcels for new commercial and industrial businesses. These range from around 2,500m2 to over 27 hectares enabling a variety of development options. An additional 90 hectares is earmarked for future development and a further 130 hectares are potentially available pending examination of land use and demand requirements.


great neighbours

As a result of careful planning, a range of shovel ready, appropriately zoned and competitively
priced land is available and ready for development. The vast majority of this land is flat with currently around 30 vacant parcels representing approximately 60 hectares with
all vacant parcels greater than 2000m2 in size.

Outside of the actual airport complex, there are approximately 80 businesses already established in TRANSLink
with the vacant parcels owned by a variety of freeholders with tenure options that include freehold or leasehold.
In addition, the Northern Midlands Council has a further 90 hectares identified in a defined expansion area and an additional 130 hectares earmarked for future investigation.

Contact Gordon Williams at the Northern Midlands Business Association to talk about the benefits of moving to TRANSlink, or networking with its more than 100 businesses.