Northern Midlands Economic Development Framework

  • Results of Consultation Process

Northern Midlands Council is implementing an economic development framework for our region, with input from businesses and the community.

In June and July 2019, business and the community were invited to public consultation sessions and online surveys, to provide input to the draft Economic Development Framework being developed by Northern Midlands Council.

This page provides you with the results of this Consultation Process and update on finalising the Northern Midlands Economic Development Framework.

You can download and print a PDF of the Consultation Sessions report at this link.

There is currently a follow-up project underway to finalise the Northern Midlands Economic Development Framework.  This project will:

  1. Update consultation attendees and other stakeholders on progress with the EDF

  2. Review by Council of all the input, comments & suggestions put forward during the consultation period

  3. Incorporate key consultation input into a concise series of 'direction statements' relevant to each of the 6 pillars of the draft Framework

  4. Identify, cross reference and integrate the EDF into other existing complementary Council programs, to ensure it drives ongoing Council activities

  5. Communicate the EDF to business, Community, Council Officers, all levels of Government, and interest groups by developing an easy to understand, visually appealing, 4 page, electronic or print-on-demand summary document

Northern Midlands Council, with support from the Northern Midlands Business Association, thanks all those who have contributed to this process for the sustainable growth of our region.